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Thunderbirds & Tridents

Welcome to my Trident & T-bird Home Page, With a little extra thrown in.

This Web site features some of my cars & bikes and some belonging to my friends, also general information that might be related or of interest. Some of the pics may be too high a resolution for modem and just require a little patience, also there's a guestbook in the links page & any feedback is welcome

My Bikes & Cars

Because Triumphs & Thunderbirds are hobbies of mine, I am constantly playing with them and starting new projects so this site is just a way I can post photos for anyone who may find them of interest. I also keep a large inventory of trident parts though this is mostly for my own use. I will often swap or trade T-bird 65-70 & Trident T150T - T160
I am in a place called Warrandyte which is an outer suburb of Melbourne Victoria Australia and can be contacted by Email (see below).
I'm also in the early days of preparing an inventory of parts for sale... go to http://www.geocities.com/wezlake


My first Triumph was a T160 basket case which had the misfortune of being owned by a chrome plater so it got one of the the most severe cases of chrome & Gold plating I've ever seen. I rebuilt the engine to perfection (my opinion only) and it sits in my kitchen (its the only bike bit I'm allowed to have in the house as it was there before my wife came along). I keep buying good bits for this special bike I'm going to build but to this day it's still a well-built great looking engine and a collection of expensive parts in boxes I've accumulated for it. My collection includes 2x T160, 2x T150V, 1x T150T, 2x 69 T120R Bonnys 1x X75 Hurricane & 1x 67 TR6R Trophy. I've restored3 T160s and the Trophy but I can't get it together with the first bike. I've got the same problem with my first car.


I bought my first Bird when I was 18 years old and had it shipped down from Sydney sight unseen, it is a 1965 hard top which I drove around for a couple of years and then took it off the road to restore it. Twenty years later it still isn't restored and due to it spending most of those years outside sadly there isn't much left to restore. My second bird is a 70 landau (blue), its a full option car with a 429ci that should be puting out around 430Hp (I'm guessing about the 430Hp bit, but it's a 370HP ThunderJet as STD so with the extra bits Heads inlet Cam Carb Etc Ect Mmmmm)
A real waste in a 2.5 Ton car and sadly it also sits around neglected and rarely driven. My third and last car purchase is also a 1965 bird (cream)
I brought this one back with me when I was last in the US. Its a great car, very original but I was looking around for a Triumph at the time and found it needing a home so I gave it one. I've always made an open offer to swap all three for one 1957 Bird (no engine or suspension is fine) and that offer still stands........... Anyone???

Your feedback always welcome: wezlake@yahoo.com.au

1967 Triumph TR6R US Spec
My First twin resto, it was bought as a chopper but already had the stainless guards & one alloy rim. I think it's the best looking year ever for triumph twins, the little tail light bezel and the cute as front brake plate (useless as it is).

Trident T160 on a T160

I didn't think this shot was going to be anything special when it was taken but it depicts what makes the T160 so unique, Fuel & oil Tanks, engine, front guard Etc. Have a close look at the oil tank badge.(Thunderbird III) Badges were discarded by Triumph for Trident when a certain puppet show objected.

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Sorry about the popups ::Have a look at the photos in my photo page, The resolution may be a little to high on some.